Please note the Ian Millar School of Horsemanship is not accepting new students at this time; however, we do offer individual private lessons. Check out this private learning experience here (this also makes a fantastic gift for the horse lover in your life!).

If you are interested in being placed on a wait list please complete our Assessment Lesson Form and return it to [email protected]. Thank you for your interest and understanding!

Since its establishment in 2014, The Ian Millar School of Horsemanship has grown to host hundreds of riding lessons on a weekly basis, offering personalized instruction for riders of all levels. With over 30 horses working in the lesson program, our horses and ponies are handpicked to meet the needs of our students.

While our key focus is to introduce new riders to the sport, we have instructors and programs equipped for all levels of recreational and competitive riders. Working with Ian Millar, 10-time Canadian Olympian and Olympic silver medalist, the riding school’s curriculum is based on Ian’s decades of experience, and his own personal approach that has been the foundation for many world-class riders. Learn more about taking riding lessons with the Ian Millar School of Horsemanship and team of skilled instructors.




The Ian Millar School of Horsemanship makes use of five outdoor sand rings as well as a 22,000 square foot indoor arena. Both the stable and indoor arena are heated in the winter, making horseback riding lessons possible and comfortable year round.


Ian Millar School of Horsemanship Guiding Principles:

  1. Excellent horsemanship skills start with the very first horse or pony experiences.
  2. Correct basics are the foundation of all disciplines.
  3. Safety is a key to the curriculum, teaching methodology, horse interactions and facility infrastructure.
  4. Fun is the best teacher!


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