Competing at the Bronze Level

Bronze competitions introduce riders to horse shows at a local level. The Bronze level is a great starting point for riders looking to show for the first time, get back into competing, or enter a limited number of shows per season. We have a number of experienced horses and ponies available for Bronze level competitions.

Wesley Clover Parks also runs a number of in-house Fun Shows during the off season with classes starting at ground poles and moving up to 2’3″. These shows are judged on equitation and only open to WCP Equestrian and Ian Millar School of Horsemanship riders riders.

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Competing at the Silver Level

At the Silver level, commonly referred to as the Trillium circuit, riders compete on a provincial level. Silver competitions offer novice to intermediate riders the opportunity to grow, as they enter a more competitive level of showing. Those who compete at the Silver level have the chance to qualify to compete at the Trillium Championships at the end of the season. Wesley Clover Parks has a number of horses and ponies available for half or full lease to compete on the Silver circuit.

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Competing at the Gold Level

Gold level competitions allow riders to compete on national and international levels. This circuit offers experienced riders the opportunity to qualify to compete in Toronto at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in November. Members of the WCP Equestrian Team who compete at the Gold level travel to competitions across Ontario and Quebec. Our riders also have the unique opportunity to compete at a number of Gold and Platinum level shows at home each summer during the Ottawa Equestrian Tournaments. Wesley Clover Parks offers boarding and full lease options to those who wish to compete on the Gold circuit.

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Gold Equestrian Competition Ottawa Wesley Clover Parks

Learn more about the memberships required to compete at EC sanctioned competitions.


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