Riding Lessons

Please note the Ian Millar School of Horsemanship is not accepting new students at this time; however, we do offer individual private lessons. Check out this private learning experience here (this also makes a fantastic gift for the horse lover in your life!).

If you are interested in being placed on a wait list please complete our Assessment Lesson Form and return it to [email protected]. Thank you for your interest and understanding!

Ian Millar School of Horsemanship offers riding lessons in Ottawa, Ontario for all levels of riders from the novice to advanced. Discover a new passion for horseback riding, or continue your love of the sport!


Apply for riding lessons:

Whether you have riding experience, or have never ridden before, please download the Assessment Lesson Form and return to [email protected] to request an Assessment Lesson. The assessment lesson is a private lesson where an instructor can assess your riding level and comfort, to better help fit you into our current program.


Lunge-line Lessons:

For riders with limited or no riding experience, subject to daytime availability. Includes 30 minutes of riding time.

One lunge-line lesson per week: $113.87 + HST per lesson

Multiple lunge-line lessons per week: $103.52 + HST per lesson

Group Lessons:

For riders interested in learning with others. Maximum of 5 students per lesson. Includes 60 minutes of riding time.

One group lesson per week: $71.17 + HST per lesson

Multiple group lessons per week: $64.70 + HST per lesson

Semi-private Lessons:

For riders interested in learning in a small group. Maximum of 2 students per lesson. Includes 45 minutes of riding time.

One semi-private lesson per week: $89.60 + HST per lesson

Multiple semi-private lessons per week: $81.45 + HST per lesson

Private Lessons:

For riders interested receiving one-on-one instruction. Includes 45 minutes of riding time.

One private lesson per week: $113.87 + HST per lesson

Multiple private lessons per week: $103.52 + HST per lesson

Horsemanship Lessons:

Geared toward students who have little to no experience with horses. In these lessons, students will learn about basic horse behaviour, parts of the horse, the equipment needed to groom and tack up, and how to lead their horses to the ring and mount.

One horsemanship lesson: $71.17 + HST per lesson

Assessment Lessons:

Private introductory lesson necessary to gauge your current riding ability before being placed in a group or semi-private lesson. Our instructors will assess new students on their ability to groom and tack up in addition to their riding level.

Invoiced individually at a rate of $113.87 + HST. Any lessons to follow will be sold in monthly packages or for the remainder of that month.

All prices are on a per lesson basis and sold in monthly blocks. Prices are subject to HST. Payment for lessons is due one month prior to the start of the new semester, 1.5% interest will be accrued on all invoices over 30 days. Wesley Clover Parks accepts cheque, debit, credit and online payment. Please note that thirty days’ notice is required to cancel your placement in the student lesson program.




  • Please take a moment to read our Lesson Policies and waiver. All students and/or parents will be required to complete and sign these forms prior to riding.
  • Horse assignments are often rotated for the benefit of both our horses and riders. To guarantee that you will ride the same horse for all of your regularly scheduled lessons please read our Lesson Lease Form. If you have questions about this policy please contact [email protected].


Safety & Dress Requirements:

We recommend that all riders purchase a properly fitted and approved helmet as well boots with a heel (preferably paddock boots or a riding boot). Riders must bring their own properly fitted equestrian helmet.

Proper attire for lessons includes a neatly fitting t-shirt or polo shirt (no tank tops, or tube tops please) and fitted pants (either breeches or stretch pants, jeans although acceptable do rub). For safety reasons we require all riders to wear boots with a heel. Hair should also be tied back and no jewelry or cell phones worn. The use of personal music devices is strictly prohibited.

  • Learn about properly fitting a helmet here.
  • Find additional safety resources, including the Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource E-Booklet, here.


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