Join us for a family event that celebrates the various roles that horses play in our lives, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience and learn about horses up close!

Horses are an integral part of Canadian history, for years horses have been used for transportation, farming, agriculture, and in times of war. Today, horses maintain a significant roles in our lives as our friends in leisure, recreation, companionship and sport! The Fall Horse Festival encourages kids to experience first contact with horses, an important step in building the next generation of equestrian athletes in Canada.

This event will feature a variety of equestrian demonstrations, including the RCMP Musical Ride!



  • Online tickets: $5+HST & fees, kids 12 and under free! Save by purchasing your tickets in advance online here.
  • At the gate: $10/person, kids 12 and under free!


Rain date: This event is scheduled to run rain or shine!




The RCMP Musical Ride is performed by a full troop of 32 riders and their horses. Their performance consists of intricate figures and drills choreographed to music. These movements demand the utmost control, timing and coordination.

The Musical Ride provides the opportunity to experience the heritage and traditions of the RCMP. The riders act as ambassadors of goodwill who promote the RCMP’s image throughout Canada and all over the world. Learn more about the RCMP Musical Ride here.

While you’re here don’t forget to visit our vendors! 

Interested in joining us as a vendor? Please email [email protected] for more information.