One of our long term visions at Wesley Clover Parks is to provide education opportunities to help people from all walks of life to learn more about our natural and sustainable environment. Every aspect of Wesley Clover Parks holds a chance to learn something new!


Ottawa Forest and Nature School

The Ottawa Forest and Nature School offers part time Forest School programs, open to the public as well as organizations, schools, and early years centers that would like Forest School programs integrated into their organizations. Additionally, it will operate as a laboratory school, and center for applied, interdisciplinary research. For more information visit http://www.forestschoolcanada.ca/home/forest-nature-school.


Horsemanship Program

The Horsemanship Program is geared toward students who have little to no experience with horses. In these lessons, students will learn about basic horse behaviour, parts of the horse, the equipment needed to groom and tack up, and how to lead their horses to the ring and mount.


Ticks are most often-found in forests and wooded areas but they can also live in shrubs, tall grass and leaves. By taking precautions you can enjoy the great outdoors! Visit http://www.ottawapublichealth.ca/en/public-health-topics/lyme-disease.aspx for more information about ticks and preventing Lyme disease.