Please note these guidelines are subject to change as government and health authorities modify their health and safety standards.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome you back to The Parks!

The reintroduction of our various activities and events will occur in a cautious and progressive manner, to optimize employee, participant and community safety. Decisions regarding the timing of this Return to Activity is based on the public health and safety guidelines released by the various levels and government as well as the sport governing bodies for the respective activities. The priority at all times is to preserve public health, minimizing the risk of community transmission.

Please review the points below for more information on our general Covid-19 protocols. Our Return to Activity Plan consists of a phased-in approach ensuring return to full programming is done in a progressive manner. This method is to ensure that all activities transition as governmental health authorities modify their health and safety standards over time as our communities return to the new normal of life as well as sport, events, and recreational participation. Should you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] for additional information.

Wesley Clover Parks’ General COVID-19 Protocols:

  • Consistent with Federal and Provincial/Territorial privacy regulations, acts, laws, etc. all team members, volunteers, officials, participants, and families will self-report to the single point of contact if:
    • they have symptoms of COVID-19, or
    • a positive test for COVID-19 is recorded, or
    • were exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days
  • Any team member who has travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days is not permitted to participate in any WCP activities or be present at any WCP facility.
  • WCP will communicate all hygiene measures in advance to all team members and participants.
  • WCP will provide team members with any protective items required by the health authorities and ensure that each member of our staff washes their hands regularly.
  • WCP will contact health authorities if a team member, official, or participant has contracted COVID-19 and support them with contact tracing.
  • Documented health checks for symptoms and Contact Logs/Tracing will be completed by all participants prior to engaging in any activity on-site (Via Health Declaration Form).
  • If an individual is exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19, they will be sent home immediately. If an individual is experiencing symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat, they are legally obligated to self- isolate. As per the Declaration of Compliance, they are NOT permitted to return to training for 14 days from the day they last experienced symptoms.
  • If a team member, participant, official, or someone they know, has been in contact with COVID-19 either at work, home, or elsewhere, and begins to exhibit any of the symptoms, it is imperative to inform WCP immediately. In addition, they should:
    • Self-isolate immediately.
    • Complete the online self-assessment available here; Ontario COVID-19 Self Assessment App
    • Contact Telehealth Ontario 1-866-797-0000
    • Contact their primary health care provider
    • If appropriate, attend a testing center to be tested for COVID-19
  • WCP will ensure the venue meets all conditions in this document particularly the hygiene protocol.
  • Parents and guardians will provide consent for participants, authorizing them to participate in activities, and ensure they understand hygiene protocol.
  • WCP will limit gatherings based on restriction imposed by Government of Ontario orders.
  • WCP will ensure that first aid materials and an AED are available at all times and are accessible.
  • WCP will regularly remind and encourage people to wash their hands and adopt proper hygiene practices.
  • WCP will provide information to participants about the facility, including information on entrances and exits to reduce bottlenecks, identify screening land sanitary locations and cleaning protocols as well as pick-up, drop- off and spectator procedures.